Software Engineer

  • Build full-stack features and APIs for the Suplari product suite using Golang and Angular
  • Leverage machine learning and external APIs to deliver insights on customer data using Python
  • Assist with developing and managing an ETL pipeline for data ingestion into the Suplari product suite
  • Own and manage all the CICD pipelines and related parallelized pre-commit, integration and post-deploy tests, resulting in total test time reduction from 12 to 2 hours on frontend and backend services
  • Create and manage SFTP and VM servers, and the accompanying automated processes to support third party vendors and customer data uploads
  • Designed and implemented an automated disaster recovery program that runs on a cron on Jenkins using AWS RDS and Terraform
November 2019 - Present

Software Engineer Intern

  • Reduced workload for on-call engineers by 20% by automating long-running data comparison tests using Docker, managed on Jenkins and hosted on AWS
  • Designed and created CI pipelines with Jenkins and SonarQube to increase automation and code testing efficiency
  • Created and attached VPN clients to company’s AWS infrastructure using Terraform and OpenVPN
  • Wrote scripts in Bash to automate granting and revoking user and admin access to the VPN service
  • Implemented open-source project Snappass on AWS infrastructure using Docker, ECS, ElastiCache, and Route53
  • Fixed bugs on code base and update the infrastructure code’s Terraform version and related dependencies
August 2019 - October 2019

IT Operations Developer

Lewis & Clark College
  • Created an AI/AR application using the Leap Motion SDK and API, and a convolutional neural network to teach ASL using a Leap Motion
  • Installed and maintain multiple variations of hardware, software and network systems on campus
  • Implemented an MFA system with machine learning on the college’s core services through vendor collaboration
  • Provided customer support and troubleshooting services for over 200 faculty and staff
  • Assisted with the research and construction of a Beowulf cluster using Ubuntu, Ansible, SLURM, and OpenMPI
  • Built a computer worth $1,500 for the Geology department as part of an educational film project
August 2015 - May 2019

Resident Advisor

Lewis & Clark College
  • Engaged the needs of 36 residents through the creation of several community building programs
  • Responded to crises, remain on-duty and aid in conflict resolution for a community of over 200 residents
  • Communicated and collaborate with a team of 13 people in order to maintain the premises and the residents’ safety
August 2016 - May 2019

Global Innovation and Experience Intern

KEEN Footwear
  • Created an instructional web app of the Uneekbot that is used internationally by Keen employees
  • Assisted with executing the technical requirements and global events strategies of the Uneekbot World Tour
  • Increased foot traffic at events by implementing an innovative retail experience involving a ball pit
February 2019 - May 2019

UX Intern

  • Planned, designed and presented iteratively on an extensive user management center using multiple UX design principles and techniques for the Zapproved E-Discovery suite
  • Researched user attention span and web page loading times by analysing various published papers and articles
  • Designed and created new content by interviewing interns for the testimonial page of the PTIX website
  • Created a catalog of over 200 error messages and pop-ups by performing an in-depth analysis of Zapproved’s products
  • Updated the Zapproved UX color palette guide by cataloguing color schemes utilized by the various products
June 2018 - August 2018

Cybersecurity Engineer Intern

Lewis & Clark College
  • Published two papers and a tutorial on cybersecurity education on peer instruction and content structure by creating an algorithm measuring usefulness and satisfaction, and utilizing available online resources
  • Developed a storyline-driven cryptography exercise using Ruby, C, and Bash, hosted on cloud-based cybersecurity framework EDURange to teach encoding and encryption methods to undergraduate students
  • Presented at two conferences targeted towards educators and professionals on various methods of promoting better cybersecurity education
May 2017 - July 2017


Lewis & Clark College

Bachelor of Arts
Mathematics and Computer Science

GPA: 3.909
Courses: Computer Architecture · Software Development · Artificial Intelligence · Networks and Web Development · Theory of Computing · Statistics · Differential Equations

August 2015 - May 2019

AIT Budapest

Study Abroad Program
Mathematics and Software Engineering Focus

Courses: Mobile Software Development · Algorithms and Data Structures · Structures and Dynamics of Complex Networks · Graph Theory · Combinatorial Optimization · UI Design

August 2017 - December 2017

Skills & Interests

Programming Languages

Experience: Java, Python, Golang
Exposure: Angular, React, JavaScript, SQL, C, Bash, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, PHP

Technical Skills

AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, ML Frameworks, Git, Agile, Scrum, UI/UX, Windows, Mac, Linux, Networking, Hardware


Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, English


Apart from coding and exploring my interests in Software Engineering, I do enjoy a wider variety of activities. I am very passionate about cooking, and through the years have developed several personal recipes. I started cooking for my family at 13 years old, and from then the enthusiasm only kept growing.

Besides cooking, I enjoy being outdoors. Biking and Scouting remain favorites, and I cherish every opportunity I get to be out in nature. Biking provides me a sense of freedom and excitement, and Scouting taught me many of life's most valuable lessons. I am a King's Scout, the Malaysian equivalent of an Eagle Scout.